NGSC Capital


NGSC Capital is a Pan-Asia investment platform subsidiary of NGSC Ltd, a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. NGSC Ltd is transforming itself from a satellite communications company into an investment company through the strength of the professional management team of NGSC Capital.

Asia's share of global GDP is expected to rise above 50% in the coming decades and such growth presents opportunities for profitable investment. Rising incomes and expectations will, if they follow patterns historically seen in other growth regions, translate into increased investment opportunities and corresponding returns. The challenge lies, as always, in seeking out, executing and exiting such opportunities profitably.

NGSC Capital is perfectly placed to take advantage of the many and varied opportunities. It has the requisite team possessing in-house skills and an extensive network of local business community connections across the region to source, execute, manage and successfully exit investments.

For investments to be successful there are usually 3 key components: access to deals that offer growth potential, finding committed local and international partners and a well thought out exit strategy. NGSC Capital is able to provide all 3 components as well as being an integral part of the management of projects.

The NGSC Capital team has extensive and long standing connections in all the major economies in the Asian region.

NGSC Capital will take a sector focused approach to investing focusing on Consumer, Agriculture, Retail, Real Estate, Natural Resources and Technology. However, it will also invest opportunistically in Emerging Markets in the region.

NGSC Capital
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